Let's face it: speaking a
foreign language is sexy.

Fluent City will get you speaking a foreign language with your classmates, your in-laws, or that hottie sitting next to you on your international flight. We have old school in-person classes and cultural events for adults taught in an awesome and refreshing new school way. Learn Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or Hebrew.

If you are planning a trip, improving your professional resume, preparing to meet your foreign in-laws, or just looking to meet new people in your city, come on over to Fluent City!

What Makes Fluent City Awesome


Our energetic and approachable teachers create a fun and friendly environment for you to take on the adventure of learning a language.


We teach you how to speak in everyday situations, helping you quickly gain comfort and confidence in the language.


The complete opposite of learning a language from a yellow CD-ROM or an app on your phone. Our lively classes get you speaking with new friends from your first class onwards.

Featured Classes

This Fall, we’re expanding beyond language to offer an exciting new product lineup. Keep in the know here.