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Our teachers are the core of Fluent City and all speak with native-level fluency. They come from all over the world—from Paris to Tokyo to Buenos Aires (and everywhere in between!) and are eager to share their love of language with you. Explore some of their stories below.

Alexandra Castano

Alexandra is from Colombia has taught Spanish for 9 years. She teaches music and art and integrates these subjects into her language classes. In her free time, she sings and plays guitar, often performing with groups around the city.

Poliana Coelho

Poliana is Brazilian-American. She has a BA in Psychology and spent five years teaching English in the US, South Korea, and Japan. As a creature of seasonal habits, Poliana enjoys snowboarding in the winter and exploring the city in the summer.

Esther Daye

Esther is from León, Spain. She has a BA in Flute Performance and an MA in Education. She found her passion for teaching through teaching music in Spain for the past 10 years. She is especially good at adapting to her students' specific learning styles.

Vjosa Elezaj-Morina

Vjosa grew up in Kosovo and studied German in Vienna; she's now working on her PhD! She has a real passion for teaching and prepares her lessons with love and enthusiasm. Outside of class, Vjosa loves relaxing to classical music and exploring the city.

Daria Franklin

Daria was born and raised in the North of Russia. She loves creative approaches to teaching, so she experiments with different types of exercises in the classroom. Outside of class, Daria greatly enjoys traveling, museums, and reading non-fiction.

Bernard Janssens

Bernard was born and raised in Nivelles near Brussels. He is a native French speaker, and also speaks Italian and Dutch. He has been a teacher for 15 years, and loves to incorporate eclectic humor, music, movies, and culture into his lessons.

Katharine Kaneb

Kat has a BA in English and French Language and Literature (Fordham University) and an MA in Cultural Translation (American University of Paris). Kat enjoys perusing local coffee shops and keeping up with the latest indie/foreign films.

Mark Libatique

Mark will come to your event and eat your free food. Whether it's in a private or group lesson, in French or Chinese, be prepared to talk about your horoscope, the latest in Hulu TV, and who would win in a fight: Fergie or Mother Theresa.

Abigail Nanquil

Abigail is a language enthusiast who started teaching Japanese in 2009. In her spare time she enjoys doing yoga, traveling with friends and family, and figuring out if one can actually be both a dog person and a cat person.

Michael Negron

Michael is from Puerto Rico. He is a professional trilingual interpreter (English, Spanish, and ASL) and a mixed-media artist. Michael is a language buff: he's conversational in French and currently learning Portuguese and Japanese.

Andrew Olshevski

From organizing hip-hop festivals in Senegal to living abroad in Paris, Andrew has perfected his French around the world. When he’s not in the classroom inspiring students, you'll find him on the basketball court preparing for his NBA tryout, of course.

Cristino Pacquing

Cristino studied French language and literature at New York University. In addition to French, he also knows German and Spanish. Cristino has worked at the US Sciences Po Foundation, in Membership at FIAF, and as a French-English translator at Datawords.

Khaled Ramadan

Khaled is a Syrian-American who has taught in the US for five years. He has a vast knowledge of various dialects. In addition to teaching Arabic, he enjoys traveling, trying new cuisines, and attending concerts and Broadway shows.

Enzo Scavone

Enzo was born and raised in Germany. He studied philosophy in Switzerland, and is working to finish his B.A. in Creative Writing. He has been with Fluent City since 2015, and he also worked as an Italian tutor for Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Naoko Wada

Naoko is a Japanese native who has taught in both the US and Canada for 9 years. She especially likes teaching students about Japanese society and culture. Outside of class, Naoko enjoys traveling, ceramics, and listening to classic J-pop music.

Eirene Wang

Eirene is what we would call a language guru: she grew up speaking English, French, and Chinese, and now also speaking Spanish, Russian, and a bit of Italian and Swahili. She's pursuing a Master's in International Affairs at Columbia- smart cookie!

Marcus Zelaya

Marcus is passionate about all things cultural: language, food, music, you name it! He currently hosts his own YouTube cooking show! Marcus has a BA in Spanish with a minor in Italian Language and Culture from Florida International University.

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