Writing Skills: Unit 3 Lesson 2: Reflexive Pronouns (Common Mistakes) English (Level 3)
Watch the video.
Choose between a reflexive pronoun (himself, yourself) or an object pronoun (him, you) to complete each sentence.
1. He is so vain. He likes to talk about all the time.
2. Jane? Yes, I spoke to last week.
3. You really have to respect .
4. Her associate? Yes, she told me about .
5. They talk about us, but they don’t really know .
6. Some actors love too much.
7. Are you going to invite to the meeting?
8. Goodbye! Take care of !
9. You have to tell what happened. We must know.
10. I was at home by .
11. Do you ever find tired after a long day?
12. Would you give a hand? He looks confused.
13. Give a round of applause! You all did great!
14. Can you open it or do you require assistance?
15. Please direct all comments to , at [email protected].

Video Information

General Details

  • Eric Varca for Fluent City
  • CEFR Level of Vocabulary: B2
  • CEFR Level of Grammar: B1

Verb forms used:

  • 1 past tense