Activity | Fluent City
Writing Skills: Unit 3 Lesson 1: Reflexive Pronouns (Overview) English (Level 3)
Watch the video.
Choose the correct reflexive pronoun to complete each sentence: yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves.
1. Alan made this dish .
2. Laura sent the email .
3. We shouldn’t argue among .
4. Sara, did you write this proposal ?
5. Yes, I called him .
6. He cut with the knife while he was sharpening it.
7. My computer often crashes and turns off by .
8. She often talks to when she is upset.
9. John and Alan, I’m not going to do the corrections for you. You have to do it .
10. The students were so noisy. Even Sheila and Nancy were making a lot of noise .
11. The battery shorted due to constant usage.
12. I caught before revealing the secret.
13. Do not find without something to do!
14. He made sick by eating too much.
15. Make comfortable. There is space for everyone.

Video Information

General Details

  • Eric Varca for Fluent City
  • CEFR Level of Vocabulary: B2
  • CEFR Level of Grammar: B1

Verb forms used:

  • 1 past tense