Writing Skills: Unit 2 Lesson 1: Easily Confused Words English (Level 3)
Watch the video.
Read the sentences below. If there is a mistake, write the correct word. If there is no mistake, write "OK".
1. I have to submit a report on the affects of worker feedback.
2. The freezer does not compliment the refrigerator unit.
3. My manager gave me some advice on how to deal with difficult customers.
4. I would like to discuss your current feedback in farther detail.
5. How would that effect the existing situation?
6. We need information concerning a client whose credentials were not verified.
7. I need some advise about measurements.
8. I am so disinterested in this project. It is so boring!
9. Could you please re-sign the waiver?
10. The distance between both sites is further than I thought.
11. Inventory should be checked regardless of its previously recorded status.
12. Do not lie on the job; you are being paid to work and not to relax!
13. Please do not give me your opinions on this matter. I am disinterested in this case.
14. Everyday I record changes and liquid accumulation.
15. Steve has heatstroke. Please let him lay down.

Video Information

General Details

  • Eric Varca for Fluent City
  • CEFR Level of Vocabulary: B2
  • CEFR Level of Grammar: B1

Verb forms used:

  • 1 future tense