Writing Skills: Unit 2 Lesson 2: Easily Confused Words--Usage English (Level 3)
Watch the video.
Complete the following sentences with the correct word from the word bank. Note: some answers might require a change to the verb form (e.g., is-are) or plural forms for nouns.
  • advice
  • advise
  • affect
  • complement
  • compliments
  • disinterested
  • effect
  • every day
  • everyday
  • farther
  • further
  • its
  • it’s
  • lay
  • lie
  • re-sign
  • resign
  • than
  • then
  • uninterested
  • whose
  • who’s
1. team requires a master carpenter?
2. We employees to regularly check their email accounts.
3. The of good work might result in salary bonuses.
4. Steel is stronger aluminum.
5. Please out all materials on the surface before starting work.
6. The worker seems in his position; we may want to look into this matter as his performance is failing.
7. Equipment checks must be conducted .
8. Trainee employees are encouraged to take from mentors.
9. We will look into the matter after learning of these recent developments.
10. leading this week’s meeting?
11. How will this change our team?
12. Please down if you experience dizziness.
13. Can anyone relate an situation in which a customer complaint was dealt with in an unusual fashion?
14. The arbitrator must maintain a stance during negotiations.
15. I have to give to the team. You all did a wonderful job!
16. You must first uncoil the wiring, attach the corresponding clamps.
17. We have to send another team out because Truck #23 is away.
18. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I must my position within the company.
19. The paneling is such a to the wallpaper.
20. Each screw should have a washer that corresponds to size.
21. We encourage existing customers to in order to continue receiving the same benefits.
22. Let’s stop for today. going to rain any minute!

Video Information

General Details

  • Eric Varca for Fluent City
  • CEFR Level of Vocabulary: B2
  • CEFR Level of Grammar: B1

Verb forms used:

  • 1 future tense