Video Lesson: Effective Communication in Software Development English (Level 5)
You will hear the words below in the video. Practice pronouncing each word.
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
backlog bugs code complete
documentation environment features feedback
guys product project release
requirements risk roadmap sprint
storyboard team testing ticket
Watch the video. For the next activity, pause at 03:20!
Complete the phrases. Use the words in the box to help you.
  • pull
  • scope
  • set
  • ship
  • sprint
  • timely
  • viable
1. the planning meeting
2. multiple open requests
3. minimum product
4. quick and feedback
5. decreasing or increasing the
6. get buy-in from the
7. clear expectations
8. the product
Do you ever have to explain a problem with a project, or suggest a solution? Read the expressions below. Think of a recent project meeting. Discuss as a group.
  • I'd like to get visibility on...
  • I've identified a few issues that...
  • I think we need to move this up as a priority...
  • I think what's important is...
  • It's concerning if...

Video Information

General Details

  • Ministry of Testing
  • CEFR Level of Vocabulary: B1
  • CEFR Level of Grammar: A1

Verb forms used:

  • 89 present simple affirmative
  • 13 past simple affirmative
  • 11 present continuous affirmative
  • 10 present simple negative
  • 7 present passive affirmative
  • 5 conditional affirmative
  • 4 present perfect affirmative