Rent an Awesome NYC Space in Williamsburg | Fluent City

Fluent City's Brooklyn space has extra rooms available during days and weekends that we would love to rent!

Location: 143 Skillman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (two stops off Graham Avenue L Train)
Space: 10 rooms available Monday - Thursday, 9am-7pm; all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Average Cost of Room: $30/hour, deeply discounted rates for long-term rentals

More information: Fluent City is housed in a new, 5,000 square foot ground floor space off the Graham Avenue L train stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The space is divided up into 10 rooms averaging 207 square feet each, being used on weeknights as classrooms for our language classes for adults. All rooms are carpeted and well- lit, have (removable) tables and chairs, and have a large whiteboard installed on one wall. The space has 3 bathrooms for communal use. All rentals include wifi access, central air conditioning/heat in rooms, and access to a very nice and large roof deck (as long as classes are not in session).

Rentals average $30/hour. Rental rates are specific to what the space will be used for at what times and how many rooms used at one time. Special discounted rates will be given for those booking large amounts of hours or days at one time. Whether you are looking to rent hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term, come see the space and let us know what you're thinking and we'll talk!

The spaces are ideal for classes/seminars, but also work well for...

Film, TV and Theater

Producers, actors and directors seeking rehearsal space

Film and photography crews in preproduction or shooting

Small to Medium-Size Businesses

Freelancers looking for affordable workspace or companies with 2-10 employees

Organizations requiring conference rooms for day-long seminars or weekly meetings

Small businesses not ready to commit to a lease or only needing office space part-time 

To schedule a time to stop by and see the space(s), send a brief description of your needs to Any questions? Just ask!