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New York City / Spanish

Spanish Progressions

Okay, you know the basics, and now you're ready to commit and want to get conversation-ready—rápidamente. Spanish Progressions is our intensive, fast-track offering—the next step to Spanish Essentials. You’ll cover all of the basics that you’d normally learn in Spanish 3 + 4 and learn how to chat up anyone confidently in the language.

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Get ready for this and more

Go beyond survival expressions and have fuller conversations. Learn all major verb tenses with our new, radical approach to language learning. We've created our own custom-designed curriculum and textbook that focuses on Spanish for the real world—from storytelling to party convesations. Fearlessly chat up anyone at the next get-together or get to know your in-laws on a different level.


Live like a local

Be able to tell stories at the next get-together, confidently chat with your in-laws at the next family dinner, and make new friends.

Community & Conversation

We've been told our classes feel more like dinner parties. You'll start speaking on day one, in a community of passionate, like-minded people, all working toward becoming fluent. We believe in getting away from just the textbook and diving into conversation.



Small Classes, Great Materials

Size does matter—and we keep 'em small! Average class size is 10 students and focused on practical, everyday use of language.


We use the best materials—from custom audio recordings and books written by us. We'll send you details on which book you need to purchase after checkout. Questions? Call us for more details.




November 08 - February 07

Metro Center 1100 G St NW Washington, DC 20005

24 Sessions Tue & Thu 6:30 - 8PM Skip Dates: Nov. 24th, Dec. 27th, Dec. 29th


Questions? Have one of our teachers call you!

Last But Not Least

Who will be teaching the class?

We handpick the best instructor, based on experience and edge—like working at one of the top bars or design firms in the city.

What happens if I miss a class?

No need to worry, you’ll get a care package next time we see you with what you missed (and extra goodies).

What’s the teaching style?

We teach through experience. Expect to shake cocktails with your own hands, watch live musical performances, and share your designs with others.