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New York City / French

French Essentials

Okay, so you’ve been meaning to learn French for a while now, and now you're ready to commit. You’ll cover all of the basics that you’d normally learn in French 1 + 2. This class is perfect for you if you're brand new to the language and you want to reach a conversational level as fast as possible.



Get ready for this

Become conversational in a matter of weeks with our new, radical approach to language learning. We've created our own custom-designed curriculum and textbook that focus on French for the real world. Pick up practical phrases like making plans or asking that cutie out. Master the present tense, irregular verbs, and conjugation basics. 



Say more than just hello

Learn how to confidently introduce yourself and make a damn good impression. You'll also pick up survival phrases and expressions—like if we dropped you in Paris or Nice, you'd make some friends along the way.

Community & Conversation

We've been told our classes feel more like dinner parties. You'll start speaking on day one, in a community of passionate, like-minded people, all working toward becoming fluent. We believe in getting away from just the textbook and diving into conversation.



Small Classes, Great Materials

Size does matter—and we keep 'em small! Average class size is 10 students and focused on practical, everyday use of language.


We use the best materials—from custom audio recordings and books written by us.The textbook required will be added to cart when you check out. Questions? Call us for more details.

Questions? Have one of our teachers call you!

Last But Not Least

Who will be teaching the class?

Whether they are from Buenos Aires or Tokyo, every one of our language instructors speaks like a native. They are totally fluent and will know about specific regional differences.

What happens if I miss a class?

We have you covered—you’ll get a full-class summary of what you missed and a walkthrough on assigned homework. Also, you can always schedule a makeup lesson with your instructor at a discounted rate.

What’s the teaching style?

We believe in real-world, practical use of your language skills. You’ll be chatting your way through classes, picking up key conversational phrases, and learning about cultural nuances.