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Japanese 4

Ready for the future? We are if you are. In this Japanese 4 class, you’ll build on the present and past tenses, but also gain confidence in all the other major tenses. This class is for you if you feel confident in your kana skills and are ready to fully explore kanji.

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Get ready for this and more

Chat about hypothetical situations and extraordinary experiences. Learn how to give recommendations and opinions. Get more into kanji. Continue building your vocabulary with topics like doctors' visits, house and home, and dating.


Live like a local

You'll be able to tell some great stories at parties and have fuller, more meaningful conversations in Japanese. Learn how to put in your two cents—like recommend your favorite restaurant or give a friend advice.

Community & Conversation

We've been told our classes feel more like dinner parties. You'll start speaking on day one, in a community of passionate, like-minded people, all working toward becoming fluent. We believe in getting away from just the textbook and diving into conversation.



Small Classes, Great Materials

Size does matter—and we keep 'em small! Average class size is 10 students and focused on practical, everyday use of language.


We use the best materials—from custom audio recordings and books handpicked by us. We'll send you details on which book you need to purchase after checkout. Questions? Call us for more details.

Hear from customers who love us

Natalie Olivo


Guys I've been taking Spanish classes and I feel like I've made so much progress! Thanks @fluentcity 💋

Katie McGuire


I'm literally giddy right now. Can't wait to dive back into a French class – see you in October, @fluentcity!

Hugh Gilmore


Just finished #Arabic level 1 with @fluentcity and already feeling pretty cool. #learnarabic #script #lettering

Rachel McMillan


@fluentcity I speak/study/love French! I've taken French 4 with you, and I ALWAYS recommend Fluent City to friends!

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