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Online Kids' Chinese 1 (Ages 9-15) Course

Kids' Chinese 1 is a fun, interactive way for learners ages 9-15 to learn and practice beginner Mandarin together! By going over the fundamentals with a friendly, experienced instructor and other enthusiastic children, students will get a feel for the language in a stress-free, high-energy environment.

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What will your child learn?



Learners will learn basic greetings and how the Chinese introduce one another in different situations



Learners will learn numbers 1-99



Students will learn how to communicate one's & ask after others' nationality



Students will learn a traditional Chinese family's structure and quirks

My kids had so much fun learning Chinese with NeuLingo & are excited to continue
- Mark C.

Course Outline

We prioritize conversation in our group classes, and allow your instructor the freedom to personalize each session for the best outcome. Here is an example of what you can expect to learn each week in class.



level 1

class 1

Greetings 1

Basic greetings; numbers 1-5

class 2

Greetings 2

Basic greetings; numbers 1-10

class 3

Self-Introduction 1

Self-introduction (first name and last name); numbers

class 4

Self-Introduction 2

Self-introduction; polite expressions; number 1-99

class 5

Culture 1

Chinese Culture: Fun Chinese greetings - How Chinese people greet one another

class 6


Discuss countries & nationality

class 7

Language Skills

Discuss native & foreign language skills

class 8

Family Members 1

Identifying family members

class 9

Family Members 2

Introducing your family

class 10

Culture 2

Chinese family structure & quirks

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