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New York City / French Culture Classes

French State of Mind

Take off on an interactive trip as you immerse yourself in the diverse world of French culture. In French State of Mind, you’ll embark on a sensory journey to explore the melting pot of modern France. Whether you’re a seasoned Francophile or just curious to know more about France, you’ll taste, hear, see and experience the best of French culture.


Week 1

Ecouter: The Real France

Leave preconceived notions about French culture at the door as you explore modern France through its music. Get into the storied history, from la chanson française to hip hop, which will be your window into how France has become one of the most diverse countries in Europe.

Week 2

Goûter: A Regional Tasting Tour

From Bordeaux to Bourgogne, Lyon to Lille, French cuisine is in a league of its own. Discover the very best of L'Hexagone by diving into the varied terroir of France through a tasting tour that highlights each region’s food and drink specialties. Experience the ambience of a traditional French meal and learn what dishes are best to order in each style of restaurant & region.

Week 3

Vivre: The French Way of Life

Art galleries, long café breaks, and theatrical performances—they give the French that enviable, healthy glow. Explore how access to this cultural richness allows citizens and visitors alike to lead well-rounded, cultured lives. In this class, you'll get a glimpse of the French way of life and gain tips and tools to be the bon vivant.

Week 4

Aller: Personal Passport to Paris


We’ll focus on where to go in Paris and beyond—and the hidden gems along the way. Walk away feeling confident with your cultural knowledge and street savvy that only locals possess to make your next trip to L’Hexagone one you’ll never forget.

Questions? Have one of our teachers call you!

Last But Not Least

Who will be teaching the class?

We handpick the best instructor, based on experience and edge—like working at one of the top bars or design firms in the city.

What happens if I miss a class?

No need to worry, you’ll get a care package next time we see you with what you missed (and extra goodies).

What’s the teaching style?

We teach through experience. Expect to shake cocktails with your own hands, watch live musical performances, and share your designs with others.