We teach old school French classes in an awesome and refreshing new school way.

You should start here if you are an absolute beginner…or if you were too busy passing notes in your high school French class.

In Level 1, we teach you the basics from the very beginning. You’ll learn how to say things in French like: "Hey, what's up? I’m Simon. I’m an architect and I live in Brooklyn.
I’m learning French because I’m going to Paris this summer. I love going to the movies and I watch Game of Thrones religiously. See ya later, dude!"

Take this class if you have studied French before and are comfortable saying a few very basic things in French in the present tense.

Level 2 students know why you say je parle vs vous parlez and why you say j’habite vs tu habites. They also know that un livre is “a book” and le livre is “the book” and are familiar with the idea that je suis = “I am” vs j’ai = “I have”. Also, if you are comfortable saying “J’aime mon prof” for "I like my teacher," now you’re ready for some next level stuff (literally!): "je kiffe mon prof" = "I dig my teacher." In Level 2, you’ll solidify your ability to speak in the present tense, start to build up an arsenal of vocabulary, and learn how to tell someone all about how you went to that awesome concert last weekend using the main past tense.

Sign up for a Level 3 class if you can handle having a very basic conversation in the present tense and have been introduced before to the main past tense in French.

Level 3 students start class being able to fairly fluidly say things like: J’ai un frère. Il habite à Madrid. Il ne parle pas français, mais il parle bien espagnol. Il aime voyager en Europe. Level 3 students are also a little bit familiar with the main past tense, even if they need to review how it works: j’ai regardé Homeland hier, j’ai pris le métro aujourd’hui, je suis allé à Paris en septembre, etc. In Level 3, you’ll get really good at speaking using two past tenses, both “I was having dinner with a friend when….” (the imparfait) AND “I had dinner with a friend last night” (the passé compose) in addition to building up a very strong arsenal of vocabulary while boosting your confidence speaking in the present tense.

If you could try to tell someone in French what you did last weekend or what life was like when you were a young’un, take a Level 4 class.

A Level 4 student could handle saying something like: Quand j’étais jeune, j’habitais à Paris. Une fois, je suis allé au Musée du Louvre et j’ai vu la Mona Lisa. Elle était très belle! Hier soir, j’ai regardé un documentaire à la télévision à propos de Mona Lisa. Level 4 introduces you to intermediate-level verb tenses such as the conditional ("I would buy a yacht if I were rich"), the simple future ("I will buy a yacht when I am rich"), and the subjunctive ("It’s important that you be on time for class each week"). By the end of Level 4, you’ll be able to really rock it out speaking about everyday things like a seasoned French speaker and also start to speak with polish and precision about what you have done, what you will do, and what you would do if…!

Tu parles français mais tu dois continuer à travailler sur ta grammaire intermédiaire? Si ta réponse est oui, considère un cours de niveau 5.

Après avoir solidifié ta connaissance du subjonctif, niveau 5 couvre des sujets qui sont nuancés, un peu délicats, mais bien sûr absolument fondamentaux à l’apprentissage du français: les hypothèses et les temps corrects pour les verbes comme l’imparfait et le conditionnel ("si j’étais riche, j’achèterais un yacht…"), les relatifs ("ce qui, ce que, dont"), et le passif ("JFK a été assassiné en 1965").

French Level 6

Ne perds pas ton français! Niveau 6 est pour ceux qui sont confortables à l’idée de dire qu’ils sont étudiants de niveau intermédiaire et qui veulent perfectionner leur français en abordant des sujets passionnants et utiles.

La grammaire est révisée quand les étudiants ont des problèmes dans un cours de Niveau 6, mais la concentration est sur la conversation. Grace à une solidification des connaissances grammaticales et a l'apprentissage d'un vocabulaire riche tu passeras d'un niveau intermédiaire a un niveau nettement supérieur en étudiant les infos, en lisant des articles, en regardant des interviews avec des célébrités et des politiciens, en discutant de tes désirs et de tes souhaits, et en défendant ton opinion. Les élèves de niveau 6 approfondissent leurs connaissances et développent une véritable fluidité du langage.

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