We teach old school Russian classes in an awesome and refreshing new school way.

You should start here if you are an absolute beginner and/or if you cannot read or write Russian letters.

In Level 1, we teach you the basics of the alphabet and how to say some basic things in Russian like: "Hello, how are you. My name is Mikhail. Nice to meet you." Level 1 students also learn how to conjugate verbs (For example, how “to study” becomes "I study," "you study," "he studies") and also how to describe nouns with adjectives.

Take this class if you are familiar with most letters in the alphabet and can introduce yourself and say some very basic things about yourself in Russian.

Level 2 is right for you if you can say things like: "Hello! My name is Blake. I am American. I live in New York. I study Russian. I love to read and to watch TV. I have an orange cat. His name is Harold." Russian 2 focuses on the case system (nominative, prepositional, accusative, etc.) and takes your Russian to the next level (literally!) by helping you turn basic phrasing into more a more fluid way of speaking.

Sign up for a Level 3 class if you have some confidence speaking about yourself in the present tense and have been introduced to the past tense before.

Level 3 is right for you if you can say things in Russian like: "My name is John and I have a big family. I live in New York and I am a lawyer. I think about my family in California often.” You can answer questions like: “What is your profession? How old are you? What time is it?” You should also be able to use reflexive verbs in basic sentences:
"I wake up and get dressed" (I dress myself). Level 3 students have also been introduced before to: the past tense ("I watched Homeland last week") and the case system: "She likes classical music." = the accusative case vs "She gave a CD to Michael." = the dative case.

Level 4 is for those who are getting comfortable with using all 6 cases: Nominative, Prepositional, Accusative, Instrumental, Genitive, and Dative.

Level 4 students can recognize and use Russian verbs in the present, past, and future tenses. Level 4 will give students the opportunity to perfect their knowledge of all 6 cases and understand when to use each. Level 4 will also expand your knowledge of verb prefixes as well as more complicated grammar through the use of literature, videos and songs.

Russian Level 5

Level 5 focuses on solidifying major grammar points.

Level 5 will help get you comfortable using all six cases correctly and strengthen your conversation skills.

We've emailed you info and will let you know when we schedule new classes. Meanwhile, request Private Lessons.

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