We teach old school Chinese classes in an awesome and refreshing new school way. Fluent City Chinese classes focus on Mandarin Chinese, which is the official language of business, politics, media and culture throughout the PRC.

You should start here if you are an absolute beginner…or if you’d like to restart at the very beginning.

In Level 1, we teach you the basics. You’ll be introduced to pinyin (the way to spell Mandarin words using English letters), pronunciation and tones, and basic grammar and vocabulary in order to say things in Mandarin like:
"Hello! My name is Simon. I am learning Mandarin because I would like to go to China. I also like going to the movies and watching Game of Thrones. See ya later!"

Take this class if you have studied a little bit of Mandarin before and are a little bit familiar with pinyin. You can try to say a few very basic things about yourself and ask a few basic questions to others in Mandarin.

Level 2 students could say things in Mandarin like: "I am a student. I am American. I have two older sisters. I like Chinese food." They can also recognize pinyin
(名字 = míngzi, for example) and are familiar with the idea of tone and how it affects the meaning of words: ma (question word) vs (scold) vs (mother).

Sign up for a Level 3 class if you have some confidence speaking about yourself and others using fairly simple sentences and asking simple questions.

Level 3 students can say things like: Nǐ jiā dà ma?, Ni jiejie haishi ni meimei hen piaoliang?, Wǒ zuotian méitīng yīnyuè, Nǐ chī fàn le ma? - Wǒ méi chī., Nǐ jīnnián duō dà?, and Tā xiě zì xiě de hěn hǎo.

Chinese Level 4

Sign up for Level 4 if you are fairly confident in initiating and sustaining conversations in Chinese by using proper conjunctions. You should also be fairly comfortable conversing in authentic social settings such as ordering food in a restaurant, asking for directions, and chatting in parties.

Level 4 students can say things like:

Wǒ xiǎng dào shūdiàn  qù mǎi shū.

Nǐ shì hé sheí yīqǐ qù Běijīng de?

Jīntiān bǐ zuótiān lěng de duō.

-Zhèlǐ de dōngtiān yīdiǎnr yě bù lěng.

-Zhèlǐ hǎo shì hǎo, kě shì wǒ gèng xǐ huān Niǔyuē.

-Nǐ xiǎng chī diǎnr shénme?

-Lái yī wǎn suānlàtāng hé yī wǎn mǐfàn, zài lái yī píng píjiǔ.

We've emailed you info and will let you know when we schedule new classes. Meanwhile, request Private Lessons.

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