We teach old school Arabic classes in an awesome and refreshing new school way. Fluent City Arabic classes focus on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is the official Arabic language and the foundation for all dialects. Level 4 and up also includes a basic introduction to the Egyptian dialect.

You should start here if you are an absolute beginner and/or if you cannot read or write Arabic letters.

In Level 1, we teach you the basics of the alphabet and then help you construct some simple words and phrases in Arabic using those letters such as:
“Hello, how are you? My name is Michael. I live in Brooklyn. Nice to meet you. See you later!”

Take this class if you are familiar with most letters in the alphabet and can read most words aloud, even if you don’t know what they mean.

Level 2 students are comfortable with most of the letters of the alphabet. They are ready to start learning grammar and creating full sentences by conjugating verbs and describing nouns with adjectives. Level 2 will teach you to tell someone all about yourself in Arabic.

Sign up for a Level 3 class if you have some confidence speaking about yourself in the present tense.

Level 3 students recognize the differences between:
والد المصري vs الوالد المصري vs الوالد مصريand مدينة جميلة vs مدن جميلة.

Level 4 students are fairly comfortable putting together sentences in the present and the main past tenses.

In Level 4, students will continue the study of MSA but also receive an introduction to the Egyptian dialect.