by Mandy MenakerFall is filled with all sorts of amazing things: pumpkin bread, apple picking, MLB World Series games, costume hunting, Oktoberfest and hot cider. If you need more incentive to get pumped, try out a language class at Fluent City for the first (second, third, or fourth) time. Here are just a few reasons that fall is the best season to study a foreign language.1) All the cool kids are doing it. If your Facebook news feed looks anything like mine does this week, you are filled with a bit of envy for kids you used to babysit who are discovering dorm rooms for the first time and friends who have given up steady incomes to dive into Masters degree programs. Your friends with kids are posting about how much “fun” they are having doing back to school shopping (read: how excited they are to deposit their children at free daycare for a few hours a day) and somehow even your 65-year-old neighbor has not only created a Facebook page but also enrolled in a fall pottery class and posted about it. Yep, it’s back to school season. Join the trend and sign up for a language class. 2) Baby, it’s cold outside. Sure, you will think I’m crazy for unpacking all my sweaters this past weekend. But after years of New York City living, I am aware that the temperature is going to drop soon – and quickly. With summer movies under the stars ending and less opportunity for jacket-less outdoor barbeques, why not pick a fun indoor fall activity that has heated classrooms? 3) Comfort food. Fall is all about the carbs and warm eats. Let’s face it: there are only so many days a year you can eat zero calorie salads with a single crouton before you get cranky. When the weather gets worse, the food gets better. Learning Italian is a perfect excuse to find an authentic Italian restaurant, order a delicious pasta dish with homemade marina sauce, and hold a conversation with a native-speaking waiter. Studying Mandarin? What a great reason to test out your conversation skills while picking up warm lemon chicken and brown rice. Are you studying Hebrew? Mmm, matzah ball soup is in store. And don’t even get me started on the warm, cheese filled French cuisine you can justify as “homework.” Yep, fall is all about hearty foreign dishes. 4) There is more to life than football. If your apartment will be filled with your beau or roommate and his buddies watching football all season and you are less than thrilled, why not use the Sundays to practice your Spanish? You can check out tons of extra resources at to give you plenty of material to practice outside of class. Put a few flashcard apps on your iPhone and you will have more to cheer about than a tackle. Or check out one of our weekend classes so you can justify skipping most of the games each week and not feel guilty about it! 5) Fantasize about warmer places. Do you hate the cold? Take Portuguese and you are all set. Spend your fall learning how to say phases including “It is so hot,” “No, that thong is not small enough,” and “Yes, another caipirinha sounds great.” If your budget allows it, you can even board a plane for Brazil once the snow hits in December, and use your new Portuguese while you flirt on the 110-degree beaches that are lined with scantily clad women (while we cuddle in 7-layer deep outfits back in the states.) Use language class as a new form of escapism. Mandy Menaker likes Shark Week, tacos, and Tina Fey. Reach her at or throw something soft at her head in the front office to get her attention.