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New York City / Interior Design Classes

Space Lift

Whether your taste is more Scandinavian minimalist or Brooklyn industrial, we’ll help you design the apartment you’re meant to have. In this four-week immersion, you’ll learn interior design fundamentals, identify your unique aesthetic and get expert tips to transform your space.

What You Get:

  • A process to discover and define your own, one-of-a-kind style 
  • Industry vocabulary to speak about and shop for your style
  • Space planning & project management skills that will help you execute your vision
  • Interior styling basics and tricks of the trade you can apply to your home now
  • Take home book with designer essentials like floor plans and mood boards as well as all material covered in class for review

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Here's what to expect


Mastering Mood

From the psychology of color to sources of light, learn the fundamentals to what defines mood from leading tastemakers. Find your personal style by developing a personal mood board. 


Designer Essentials

Learn a decade of skills in one session, from space planning essentials, like finding your go-to neutral and creating your own toolbox. 


Small Spaces, Big Impact

Learn how to style any space, no matter how small, by understanding scale, proportion, and layering—like how to bring together Japanese silkscreens with Swedish wooden figures.


Design for Entertaining

Now, learn how to use design to influence experiences, from dinner parties to family gatherings to all-night dance parties.  

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Natalie Olivo


Guys I've been taking Spanish classes and I feel like I've made so much progress! Thanks @fluentcity 💋

Katie McGuire


I'm literally giddy right now. Can't wait to dive back into a French class – see you in October, @fluentcity!

Tracy A. Carlin


So sad I just finished my last class with @fluentcity for a bit 😭Until Chinese 3 then!…

Rachel McMillan


@fluentcity I speak/study/love French! I've taken French 4 with you, and I ALWAYS recommend Fluent City to friends!

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