About Us


About Us

At Cricket eLearning, we make virtual learning possible for anyone, anytime, anywhere. With an expert team of instructors and unique learning materials, we empower you to reach your goals with confidence. We believe learning should be a profound experience, customized to you.

The Cricket brand has 50 years 🎉 of history educating and connecting families and communities worldwide. Our growing family of products converges to create a unique multigenerational learning space: through the combined programming expertise of NeuLingo, NeuABC, and Fluent City, we offer diverse learning opportunities for kids, teens, and adults.

Capitalizing on the power of connection between student and teacher, we create personalized and joyful learning experiences.




Our Values

We believe in endless adventure, always developing ourselves through exploring our curiosities and nurturing new interests.





Igniting Wonder

We believe in igniting wonder through our diverse language offerings. Discover the world's languages and cultures with us. Embrace the joy of curiosity as you embark on a journey of discovery.


Global Learning Hub

We remove obstacles to bring the world right to your screen with personalized instruction. Our expert language instructors connect with you from anywhere to provide learning that’s perfect for you.







Embracing Diversity

Feel welcomed, respected, and valued in our inclusive community, We believe in the inherent value of other perspectives, and that empathy and communication lay the foundation for greatness.




Empowered Exploration


Step out of your comfort zone with the support of our team, teachers, and fellow students, knowing it's safe to take risks and learn from mistakes, leading to thoughts like, "I am supported. 
I can do challenging things. Mistakes are how I learn."








Joyful Engagement

Joy and fun are key to our process! We sprinkle your language learning journey with interactive activities and exciting new ways to celebrate your progress.










Get involved!
Interested in working on a diverse team focused on spreading the joy of language learning globally?






Have questions?

Visit our FAQ page or email us at [email protected].