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What to expect on your trip.

We have tons of cool activities and spots to visit planned for each day of your trip, as well as group language lessons in the mornings and early afternoons. On most days you will have afternoons and evenings free to explore on your own, though students generally form smaller groups and stick together. On past trips, many of these groups have elected to do additional tours and excursions. Our teachers can help with transit directions and helpful information for travelers who want to use their free time to see a show, take a Segway tour, participate in a cooking class, etc.

Fluent City’s trips abroad are lead by our same awesome teachers who know the best spots in town and who can’t wait to bring you to them and get you speaking the language. Fluent City handles all logistics of flights, hotels and day-to-day itineraries including almost daily language lessons planned at the most scenic and/or culturally awesome locations in town. We give you plenty of opportunities to also tack on your own cultural and social activities or just relax at cafes and take in the city!

We welcome all interested travelers on our Fluent City language immersion trips, even those who have never taken a class before. No prior experience in the language is required.

Past Trips


Photos from France trip 2011

Jul 11–Jul 19, 2011

Oui oui, it's gay Paris!

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Photos from Spain trip 2012

Jun 05–Jun 13, 2012

It's off to Spain we go!

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