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Note: Reviews for FluentManhattan, FluentBrooklyn, and SamTeachesFrench have been updated to reflect our new name.

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The Registry Entrepreneur
New York Magazine - Summer 2014

"What would you suggest for those who want to support local businesses with their registry? Fluent City language school offers gift certificates and classes all over New York. One couple I know registered for Italian classes before their honeymoon in Rome..." More

Top Language Classes in Philadelphia
CBS Philadelphia - January 17, 2014

"Fluent City teaches language courses in a classroom setting over a 10-week period. Private lessons are available and can be arranged to coincide with your own busy schedule. Fluent City’s goal is to teach its students in the most efficient, productive and fun way possible. The program is geared towards adults and their lifestyles...." More

7 Fiery Dates for Cold Nights
Redbook - Dec 2013

"Before you protest an educational activity, check out the workshops at Fluent City, an adult language school that promises to make learning French, Italian, and Spanish an experience that matches the romantic origins of the languages themselves. Forget traditional grammar lessons—instead you’ll brush up on the slang that’ll help you navigate the cobblestone streets of Paris and Rome. Time to start planning a vacation, don’t you think?..." More

Time Out New York

How To Meet People
Time Out New York - Dec 6, 2012

"People I’ve met are open to new things and curious. It's easy to maintain friendships, because you have mutual acquaintances and things to talk about..." More

Best Classes to Take With Your Signicant Other In NYC
Guest of a Guest - Sept 26, 2013

"Us New Yorkers are busy. Between our jobs, our friends, our family, and the endless distractions of the city, it's hard to find time to travel. Well, thanks to Fluent City, you can take your relationship abroad by taking a new language! You two can choose to become trés chic by taking French or pronounce names like Giada De Laurentiis by learning Italian. With classes held in ten different languages, you can feel like world travelers and stay right in your New York City apartment...." More

Scoutmob6 Fun Ways to Try Something New in NYC This Year
CBS New York - January 14, 2013

"We’re all 'New Yorkers,' but we come from every imaginable place on earth – and speak more than 138 languages. Haven’t tried speaking in foreign tongue since Spring Break in Mexico? At Fluent City, you can take 10 courses for basic knowledge to speak and read in a new language..." More

L.A. Taco

You Live in Los Angeles, Why Don't You Speak Spanish?
L.A. Taco - Sept 9, 2013

"Learning another language is something everyone should do...[Fluent City] emphasizes their young, cool teachers and affordable prices along with the success of the program in NYC and other cities." More

Brooklyn Independent Television  
Neighborhood Beat - Mar 6, 2012

Fluent City got some awesome airtime on Brooklyn Independent Television's Neighborhood Beat. We were named as one of the coolest destinations in the Williamsburg area. Watch the full clip.

FluentBrooklyn Opens the Lines of Multi-Lingual Communication
Greenpoint Gazette - Nov 3, 2011

"In contrast to mandatory high school language courses or traditional language learning workshops, Fluent City's classes are equally focused on fun and education. “Everyone who comes in here wants to learn, and they’re excited and enthusiastic,” said Deborah Hartranft, a Spanish teacher. “It’s a light atmosphere, not too scary or serious, and everyone is trying to have a good time...” More

ScoutmobThe Weekend Guide
Daily Candy Boston - Mar 14, 2013

"What: Revisit that January resolution through accessible, conversation-focused classes for both beginners and second-timers in one of ten languages (Hebrew, Russian, Japanese). Why: Less high school, more adult salon..." More

Scoutmob5 Spots to Learn a New Language
Scoutmob - Mar 27, 2012

"We're endlessly impressed by just how many different languages Fluent City (previously FluentBrooklyn, they're now in Manhattan, as well) can teach you..." More

Brooklyn Spectator5 fun indoor activities for beating the cold
Brooklyn Spectator - March 8, 2013

"Whether you are looking to boost your resume, plan a trip out of the country, flex your brainpower or better communicate with the hottie upstairs, taking a language class is an awesome way to fill a winter night. Check out Fluent City..." More

Time Out New York

101 Things To Do in NYC in the Fall
Time Out New York - Sept 1, 2011

"Drop by Fluent City for affordable ten-week courses in French, Spanish, Italian, German or Arabic taught by the kind of dreamy, young cosmopolitan that got you interested in languages in the first place..." More

Metro Focus

The Big Chill in the Big Apple: How to Beat the NYC Winter Blues
Metro Focus - Jan 11, 2012

"Put long evenings to good use by brushing up on that rusty foreign language you sort of learned in high school at Fluent City..." More

New Year, New You: Places to expand your skill set beyond being able to pick out really great brunch spots
Free Williamsburg - Jan 2012

"Whether your goal is to impress the sexy Spanish girl who lives in the apartment next to you or add a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to your resume, now is the time to learn that language that you’ve always wanted to learn....” More

FluentBrooklyn Offering Workshops, New Classes, and a Trip to Paris
FreeWilliamsburg - April 26, 2011

"Business is booming after Sam Maher & co. expanded the studio space, increased the number of languages offered, brought on additional instructors and there’s also a location in Manhattan..." More

The French Classes of Uncle Sam
French Morning New York - July 6, 2010

"An enormous image of France, the words “French Class” in bold on the front of a little spot on the corner of two nondescript streets. This is definitely something to be noticed! Furthermore, it’s right in the middle of an italian neighborhood. When Sam Maher opened his mini language center..." More

Recipe: Carnitas and Avocado-Plantain Rice with Tomatillo Salsa Verde
A Post Inspired by Fluent City!

Inspiralized - Mar 31, 2014

"In celebration of me starting Spanish classes this past Thursday at Fluent City in Manhattan, I’ve decided to combine Caribbean, Mexican and Spanish flavors into one dish!...My first class was so much fun! The instructor breaks everything down in an easy and approachable manner. His name is Joan (with a “tilde” or accent mark on the o). Are you impressed I already know what a “tilde” is?...Now for the recipe..." More

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