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What if I Miss a Class?

For those who miss a class, there are two options:

1 - Schedule a makeup lesson. Our classes are geared towards introducing complex concepts by thorough in-person explanations from your teacher and a chance to practice them in a guided spoken context with him or her, so we strongly recommend doing a makeup lesson if it is at all possible. To work one-on-one with a teacher to go over what you missed, the cost is $45/hour (we pay our teachers hourly), but you can share that with a classmate if you wish. More information about makeup lessons is below and you can use the form at the bottom of this page to sign up for one.

2 - Email your classmates. Each class has an email list that you can elect to be on so that you can reply-all and email your classmates to find out what you missed (and/or help each other out with questions and form study groups). If you are not on your class' email list and would like to be added, email hey@fluentcity.com.

More info about each of these options is below.

AHHHHhhhhh! I missed a class and I was already struggling to keep up in the first place, and now I’ve missed the class where we went over irregular verbs??! What am I going to do?? How will I ever catch up?!

First of all, don't panic! We forgive you for missing class. These things happen and we thank you for trying to keep up. Learning a language takes dedication and missing a class can make it hard to keep up when you return for even the most motivated of students. However, it is definitely possible to stay motivated and keep up with the class even if you have to miss a class or two. Please try to avoid emailing your teacher, as many of our teachers have full-time jobs outside teaching here and we want to keep them stress-free as well. Let the Fluent City office (hey@fluentcity.com) know if you need help and we will help figure out which of these three options will work best for you. 

Makeup Lessons

Makeup lessons are a focused private lesson to get you caught up with the rest of the class and iron out any weird kinks you might have going on.

Because our classes are based on in-person teaching and thorough explanations of confusing concepts, we firmly believe that a makeup lesson is usually necessary if you miss a class. Asking "What pages were covered?" or "What was the homework?" and trying to understand the concepts on your own (or with a friend who speaks the language) might even be counterproductive! If studying on your own without a teacher was all it took, Fluent City wouldn't need to exist at all. 

If you miss a 2-hour class, we recommend a 1-hour makeup lesson. The hourly rate for makeup lessons is $45/hour (we pay our teachers hourly). You can use the form at the bottom of this page to sign up for a makeup lesson and we will do our best to get you set up with a teacher before your next class.

Class Email List

After your first class, you will be sent a class email list that you are automatically added to unless you opt out while signing up. You can use this list to communicate with your classmates about what you missed. If you missed the first class or would like to be added to the class email list at a later time, send an email to hey@fluentcity.com and we'll get you all set up.

What else?

Either way, our suggestion is to study hard and solidify everything that you DIDN'T miss so far. Instead of worrying about the homework or what you may have missed, focus on what you covered but haven't perfected yet. It is better to know two verb tenses well then three not at all. Come to class ready to listen extra hard and try to pick up the missed material the following week. Whatever you do, COME BACK TO CLASS. As Woody Allen says, "Showing up is eighty percent of life!"

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