10 Cereal Boxes That Are So Much Cuter in a Different Language

by Michelle Kiefer

If you’re like us and are mesmerized by the choices in the cereal aisle, then you’ll understand why we’re obsessed with cereal boxes in different languages. We’ve uncovered some foreign cereal box gems to hold you over till your next visit to a grocery store abroad.

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Why take a language class? Cheeky answers via Twitter.

Brooklyn Exposed asked readers to share on Twitter why they would want to take a class in French, Spanish or 8 other languages at Fluent City. We love the answers we received! Congrats to contest winner @Pocohannah who responded, “I want to win @FluentCity Italian class fr @BrooklynExposed b/c I’ll convince my Italian CEO, in Italian, to give me a raise.” Check out some of our other cheeky responses to why take a language class at Fluent City. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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The Art of Literary Translation

Fluent City is pumped for our panel on the art of literary translation going down at WORD (126 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11221) this Friday, March 29th at 7pm. The panel was originally cancelled due to a storm (silly New York weather) but it is finally happening and we want you to join! Fluent City sits down with moderator and award-winning author Jordan Schnee to get a preview of the discussion that will happen this Friday.

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Mary-Kate Olsen Takes Class at Fluent City!

Well, sorta. CollegeHumor used Fluent City’s Brooklyn classrooms to film an episode of Very Mary-Kate (a parody of Mary-Kate Olsen) that aired today. Have a film shoot or other rental needing space? We have 10 classrooms available in Brooklyn during the days and love coworkers and other creative types milling about our space. Contact us!

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5 Study Tips for the Holidays

by Mandy Menaker

We get it. You would much rather have a few holiday cocktails and spend time with your family than study. Ok, that makes sense. However, it doesn’t have to be painful to get a bit of review in while still getting your Christmas music on. Use this quick breakdown of how to maximize studying while leaving plenty of time for driedel games and eggnog tastings. Here are 5 study tips for the holidays.

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Fluent City’s 12 Favorite Moments of 2012 in Pictures

by Mandy Menaker

It has been a terrific year at Fluent City. During 2012, Fluent City added Japanese, Russian and Hebrew classes. Our 10 Brooklyn classrooms and rented Manhattan classroom spaces were filled to capacity. We secured a convenient and terrific Manhattan space by Times Square. In addition, we raised over $1000 for Sandy relief and the New York Food Bank through our commitment to donate a percentage of signups in the weeks following Sandy. Our Williamsburg space became home to several orphaned organizations in the aftermath of Sandy including the Bellavue Survivors of Torture. We got closer with our regular coworkers, the funny folks over at Hypervocal. We even became a film set used by College Humor, Practical Jokers and Brooklyn Independent Television! Yep, 2012 has been pretty excellent. Here are 12 of our favorite moments of 2012 in pictures:

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Interesting Article in French on Why Masculine Verbs Take Precedence

The decision made by the Académie française for masculine words to take precedence over feminine words was a political decision to secure men’s social superiority, according to this super interesting article by Liberation. Do you think this decision would still be the same in 2012?


Great App to Study Arabic

Comments Arabic student Sam, “This app is sooo good, matches up perfectly with Alif Baa. Great way for Ar 1 students to study/practice alphabet.” We love when apps match our curriculum perfectly! Compliment your Arabic class with extra practice using TenguGo Arabic Alphabet.

TenguGo Arabic Alphabet by TenguLogi

Where to Hear Arabic Language Online and in New York City

by Christopher Ibraham

Students often ask me where to check out Arabic music, poems, shows, gatherings and more. Here are a few of my favorite videos online and New York City places to hear Arabic language. Please comment and let me know if you have places to add to this list!

Here is some cool stuff to check out online regarding getting your ears tuned to the sounds of Arabic:

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French Blog for More Practice

Stanley Aléong writes a great blog at The blog is ideal for advanced French students and includes real life examples of case studies in conversational French.