A gastronomic trip to Russia

by Darya Chernina

I recently “travelled” to Russia with my Russian 3 class. Without needing a ticket and experiencing any turbulence on an 8+ hour-flight, we instead took a gastronomic trip to my homeland. And what could be a better way to end a 10-week course if not by enjoying great food, wonderful company and an interesting conversation…in Russian.

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10 Cereal Boxes That Are So Much Cuter in a Different Language

by Michelle Kiefer

If you’re like us and are mesmerized by the choices in the cereal aisle, then you’ll understand why we’re obsessed with cereal boxes in different languages. We’ve uncovered some foreign cereal box gems to hold you over till your next visit to a grocery store abroad.

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CNN Says Hottest Job Skill is Foreign Language Fluency!

The Army, NYPD and State Department can’t get enough workers with this job skill. Neither can Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, local courts and schools. According to CNN, the hottest new job skill is foreign language fluency! Read the full article.


False Cognates in French and Spanish

by Michelle Kiefer

In Spanish and French false cognates are referred to as falsos amigos and faux amis, respectively, which translate to “false friends”- and that’s just what these words are. There you are, feeling all confident in your Spanish abilities, telling your new friend that you were so “embarazada,” only to find out later that said you were pregnant. Not all false cognates carry that kind of risk, but to save yourself from future embarrassment, check out this list of false cognates in French and Spanish.

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Why one Fluent City student chose to learn Mandarin

Alec Cuccia walked into Fluent City’s Williamsburg location thrilled to start his Level 1 Mandarin class. So thrilled in fact, that Alec arrived an hour early for class. So naturally, Fluent City decided to use Alec’s early arrival to find out why he wants to learn Mandarin.

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5 Things I Learned in Spanish Class (that a textbook couldn’t teach me)

by Michelle Kiefer

There is a lot I could have learned on my own about the Spanish language with just a textbook and a healthy dose of self-discipline. But as any language learner knows, self-learning rarely matches the experience of a classroom, where you get the dialogue and interaction that you can’t find alone at your desk with a book. Plus, there are some things a textbook just can’t teach you. These are just a few of the valuable lessons I’ve learned so far in my Spanish class with Fluent City.

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The New York Times listed Fluent City as a top thing to do in NY!


Fluent City made it into The New York Times roundup of the top events happening in New York on Thursday 8/22 for our Amélie event at the Brooklyn Winery!

In the list of the top 10 events happening in New York, which includes President Obama visiting the University of Buffalo, the Times suggests you check out “a free screening of Amélie surrounded by French – wine that is.” Click here for the full article.

So tonight….

Please join us for a screening of Amélie, complete with a raffle for a free Fluent City workshop. Guests welcome!

Doors open at 7:00pm
Raffle at 7:45pm (must be present)
Film starts at 8:00pm

Free to attend. 21 and up.

More details and RSVP on Facebook. We hope to see you out tonight!


Why I’m studying with Fluent City

by Michelle Kiefer

Ever since I kissed my college days goodbye, I’ve been looking for ways to continue my study of foreign languages. It’s turned out that this was easier said than done: the cost of continuing education courses can be prohibitive, and who really has time to add studying to a full-time job, anyways? I still held out hope though that one day I would be able to study a foreign language in a way that is accessible, fun, and a good match for my busy schedule. Enter Fluent City. I first heard about Fluent City through an email promotion with Brooklyn Brainery (an awesome source for crowd-sourced education you should check out). A few web searches, tweets, and emails later, I was on my way to my future as a new language student. Here are the top reasons I’m choosing to study with Fluent City:

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Best Places to Practice Spanish in Los Angeles

by Michelle Kiefer

If you’re a student of the Spanish language, we can think of few better cities to practice than Los Angeles. LA’s Spanish-speaking roots go way back. The city was colonized by Spanish explorers, and was once a part of Mexico. As one friend and LA resident tells me, “The thing about LA is that Spanish really is ubiquitous. In almost any neighborhood, whether it’s predominantly black, white, or Asian in terms of the composition of its residents, you’re likely to hear Spanish and be able to use it.” Here are some of the best places to practice Spanish in Los Angeles:

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Student MaryBeth working with kids in Northern Peru.

Spanish Classes Help Student Move Abroad

“I would have never learned Spanish fast or well enough to come to Peru if it hadn’t been for Fluent City!”

Student MaryBeth Apriceno saw a Fluent City ad and thought, “If I could speak Spanish better, I could find work in South America.” Two weeks later she saw another ad and said definitively, “If I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it.” Flash forward to a year and a half later and MaryBeth is currently living and working in Northern Peru, using her Spanish to help navigate, order food and develop friendships. We caught up with MaryBeth to learn about how Fluent City Spanish classes helped her make the move abroad.

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