Fluent City offers group language classes for adults on weeknights after work. We offer French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew and Japanese classes in New York City (Midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn), Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and Chicago.

Fluent City is going to remind you of your favorite college class, the one with the professor that you wanted to hang out with outside of class. We could talk for hours about our ridiculously good teachers. Click here to read all about them.

As for our class schedules, we get it. You’re busy. However, most of our classes meet once a week for two hours (for 10 weeks) and that is just as easy to work into your schedule as yoga class, trivia night, or seeing a friend’s band play. Classes often fill up many weeks before they start, so be sure to sign up soon! Click any language at the top of the page to see upcoming group class schedules. Private lessons are also available for those who prefer to be taught one-on-one.

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Check out our video to hear from our teachers and students:

How do we teach language at Fluent City? Instead of steamrolling you with scary full-on immersion from day one, our beginner (Level 1) classes are taught in English so that, frankly, you don’t freak out while you get your bearings with the language. First and foremost, our job is to make sure you’re having fun during the learning process and not overwhelm you. Secondly, all of our classes focus on teaching you how to speak the language with confidence. Our exuberant teachers are very good at clearly explaining how the grammar structures of the language work and also helping you figure out how to use them in a spoken context immediately. This means our classes involve a perfect balance of buidling both your grammar and conversation skills. In other words, they prepare you to use the language in everyday conversation. We want you to sound like a real person, not a weirdo who uses archaic and awkward phrases that you’ll never hear when chatting with native speakers.

Sure, we start with basic phrases and structures, as in “I understand now, thank you.” But we quickly transition you from these basic structures into the way people actually speak, like “Oh, I get it now! Cool, thanks.” So, we’ll teach you what a boring and outdated textbook never does: how to ask someone about if they’ve seen a certain viral video, the price of that awesome hoodie, or where to find the best beer on tap in the neighborhood. Think: pick-up lines, “Homeland” vocabulary, bumming cigarettes and asking locals for the best corner to hail a cab.

New classes start every couple of weeks and tend to fill up very quickly, so sign up today. You can click on a language at the top of every page for the most up-to-date class schedules.

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Fluent City has carefully crafted a curriculum and classroom setting that helps the beginner student delve into a new language with ease. I really enjoy this school and found it to be well organized, effective, and reasonably priced.

–Julia R.
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